ASP.NET 5 has hit Release Candidate 1 status, and if you have been actively using the alpha and beta bits, you may find you have a couple of issues trying to install the RC-1 release.

The install instructions do note an issue you may encounter during setup:

NOTE: There is currently a known issue with the ASP.NET 5 RC installer. If you run the installer from a folder that contains previous versions of the MSI installers for DNVM (DotNetVersionManager-x64.msi or DotNetVersionManager-x86.msi) or the ASP.NET tools for Visual Studio (WebToolsExtensionsVS14.msi or WebToolsExtensionsVWD14.msi), the installer will fail with an error “0x80091007 - The hash value is not correct”. To work around this issue, run the installer from a folder that does not contain previous versions of the installer files.

But actually, I encountered a different issue:

Install Issue

Looking through the logfile, we had a few of these entries:

Acquiring package: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, download from:
Error 0x80072f08: Failed to send request to URL:, trying to process HTTP status code anyway.

Not sure if it was a proxy issue, but luckily I've found another way, firstly:

And then after, ensure your DNVM is upgraded by running dnvm upgrade from a command prompt.

Now onto project.json and global.json changes, don't forget to check the aspnet/Announcements repo for the list of breaking changes (filter to milestone:1.0.0-rc1).